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Yarn Feeders

Center sections of two MAX Double-Tilt Tables. The left top has six yarn feeders (metal bushings). The right top has seven yarn feeders. Tops shown are tracked MAX models.


Top view of  6 yarn feeders. Note the spacing: the two inverted "V" positions as well as the center horizontal holes (as viewed here) are 8" apart.

Top view close-up of two yarn feeders


6 Yarn Feeders: $42.00


7 Yarn Feeders: $49.00

Top view of  7 yarn feeders. Note the spacing: the three inverted "V" positions are 7" apart. The distances of the horizontal bushings are greater.

Another top view close-up of two yarn feeders

Yarn Feeders are simply cylindrical steel inserts placed through the center section of the MAX table. Multiple yarns can be used simultaneously and this application is ideal for use with color changers. The yarn feeders are staggered for multiple yarn placement combinations.


The spacing has been made to allow for larger yarn cones. This is very important because the yarn must feed up from the cone directly under the bushing. If this is not done, two things will happen: 1/ the tension will be uneven; 2/ the cone will tip at some point.


If the yarn feeds vertically from the apex of the yarn cone through the bushing, it can then feed to any location to the yarn guide since the metal bushing is smooth and produces negligible resistance.  The placement of the bushings is measured from the center of the table.



A sliding tray of the same material used for the table top will rest on the stand base with dowel positions directly below the locations of the yarn feeder bushings. The tray will slide out from either the left or right end of the table for placement of the cones.


Directions will be provided with each sale of this accessory to easily feed the yarn 'up' through the bushing after the tray is placed into the proper position. The purpose of this 'add-on' is to reduce the challenge of feeding yarn to your machines if the cones are not located on the top of the table. The finish of this tray will be the same as the rest of the table.

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