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Frequently Asked Questions

The warranty for all tables is three years from the date of purchase for the top and stand and five years for the control arms(for tilt table top models) covering materials and labor. Use of the table inconsistent with the assembly instruction guidelines will invalidate the warranty. Upon receipt of your table, there is a (30) day return policy with full refund if the table is returned in new, undamaged condition. Knitting machine table owners may initiate the return or warranty claim process by calling or emailing Steve or Katherine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What suggestions can you make about the care of my new table?

A: Liquids on the table top are OK but wipe up spills ASAP and use no abrasive cleaners or chemicals. Coasters are recommended for use with drinks. The surface finish has two coats of acrylic polyurethane which does a great job of protecting the maple stand and birch top.


Q: Will the table feet mar up my laminate or wood floors?

A: Probably not, but to minimize lateral movement when your machine is in use, you may wish to place small square pieces of rubberized shelf liner under the legs. If you have your table on carpeting, you should not have to do anything.


Q: How do I order a table?

A: A call to either Steve or Katherine  will start your order. You will be sent an order form which you will be asked to review and approve. No deposit will be required with your order but full payment will be required for the purchase and freight costs prior to shipping. Expect a (30) day lead time from order date to shipping date. All shipping is FedEx Ground, the most inexpensive way to get your table to you.


Q: Are custom options available?

A: Yes, on a per request basis. There is likely to be some evolution to the functionality of these tables (i.e., add-ons) by minor design modifications. Machine knitters have a wonderful knowledge base into which to tap for ideas to make a good thing better. One option some knitters may wish to have is the ability to place their yarn on the floor. Metal bushings with an inside diameter hole of 1/2" can be installed into table top holes through which to feed yarn. Bushings are smooth inside so yarn will not catch. Table returns with custom options are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Comment: Knitters and prospective buyers are encouraged to visit the Buyer Feedback page.

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