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MINI-Tilt  Table with Sliding Track Box and Tray


The sliding box or tray can be extended over either

(or both) ends of the table a maximum of 18 inches.

Sliding box and tray can be fitted onto

either the left or right side of the track


Closeup of components for the MINI-Tilt track table

(tool caddies no longer available)

Detail end view of MINI-Tilt Track Table with Box

Box and tray not extended

PRICE: $ 588.00

(MINI-Tilt, track and sliding box)



Full extension of box (left side) and tray (right side) provide up to 7 feet of usable fixed table space behind the knitting machine

Note- this table is compatible with a knit leader and color changer (photos include both mounted on to a Brother 950i with ribber

Box and tray in full extension  (approximately 18' over each end)

Table top: 48" x 20" (122 x 50.8 cm)

                  48" x 10" tilt (122 x 25.4 cm)


Stand base: 44" x 18.5" (111.8 x 47 cm)

Height of table: 28.25" (71.8 cm)


Table top offset from base sides:  2.5" (6.4 cm)

Quality custom built Machine Knitting Tables that will save you space and make you more productive!