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November 2013 Machine Knitting Monthly (MKM)

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[Taken from the blog]

September 3, 2014

Mini Tilt w/ wheels & track/box/tray


My new table arrived in three boxes. Of course, I was having back issues at the time, and knew that if I had to bend over and try to work on the floor, I would be laid up for quite some time, but after looking at the boxes for two days, I couldn't wait any more.


Fortunately, Steve has these tables down to a science, and each box was so well packed there was absolutely no chance of damage, unless the delivery truck ran over it two or three times. The assembly instructions were so well done too, that once I took everything out of the boxes, identified the parts, and read the instructions, I don't think it took an hour to put together (1/2 hour each on two days).


Since I was afraid I'd make my back worse by bending over to assemble, I put a couple of thick beach towels on the dining room table and went to work. Since the hardest part would have been the assembly of the legs, I was happy to see that whole part came pre-assembled with even the wheels installed, and the woodworking was done with such high quality and precision that everything fit together perfectly. Lots of pictures in the instructions, so I managed not to get anything on backwards and have to undo.


I ordered the mini single tilt table with locking wheels, which is an absolute dream to move around. I also ordered the track on the top with the box and the shelf. When each are fully extended to the sides, I have easily six feet of space to put tools, my copy holder for instructions, weights, my switch boxes for DAK and my disk drive, cast-on comb, etc. Now, just to get my ribber out and attach it, but will save that for another day when I feel up to wrestling with it.


Steve ( ) was so patient as I sent him numerous e-mails about the weight of the boxes, measurements for the tables (I originally wanted the max double-tilt table with wheels, but with his help I was able to determine this wouldn't work well for me, because I wouldn't have enough room to maneuver it easily through my narrow doorways if I wanted to move it to another room).


This photo was taken with my phone. Of course my camera is flaking our on me now.


I'm going to order a second table like this one. I can't say enough good things about it. It's so much better than I expected it to be.


Randiejg (screen name)





Hi Katherine & Steve,

The table [MAX Double-Tilt w/track, box, tray and wheeled] is wonderful, utilitarian and a work of art. Thank you. Such a different feeling my knitting room has now. The table has a light, airy feel, yet, its so durable and well built. I am so pleased, I think I'll re-subscribe to MKM! Thank you for this wonderful "invention." I'll treasure my MAX Tilt Table for a long time.


All the Best,

Kara (California)


From a blog posted on Knitting Paradise:

I purchased a Max Tilt for 2 of my machines, I absolutely love this table. I had the original metal tables and felt these where not as stable as I would like. When I got my table in and put it up it was very easy to assemble. Everything was well labeled and absolutely beautiful. Mr. Rugg took pains to do a very nice match of the wood, I was was astonished as to the quality of the table. I have a Singer 700 and a Brother KH940 both with ribbers. I have attached pictures for everyone to see [not included here]. I put a couple of plant plates to hold my yarn on the top of my lids, surely the yarn works quite nicely on top of the table. I had the idea to put the holes so that I could have 4 yarns under the table for the future Color changer I want to add, remember future purchase.

I am planning a future purchase of another of these tables. When pulling the carriage across the machine the table is very sturdy, no wiggle. I recently made an afghan and was very pleased as I could get all of my weights on without any hassles of the legs getting in the way. I even mounted a table light so that I could see the underside of my work, wow very able to see quit clearly. If you find yourself wanting a very good quality table check Mr. Rugg out at:


Pam F. (Louisiana)


Dear Steve,

LOL, I was just tickled when I got to the step where you had numbered the legs and aluminum braces. I could hardly go wrong assembling this table. It went together perfectly. Boy, is it sturdy and beautiful. I had no problems at all with any of the steps.


There’s plenty of space, since everything I need for knitting fits right on or under the table and projections. Thanks again! I love how the tray and box slide in and out, so at the end of the day, I can just collapse them back onto the table.


It's so sturdy, and this is the first time I've ever had my machines at just the right height for knitting. I am happy to share my experience with such a wonderful product.


Lee B. (Missouri)


Hello Steve,


First I have to say I love these two tables [Max Double-Tilt w/ Wheels & Mini-Tilt w/Wheels].  I have been using some tables we brought home from Japan in 1997 when we lived there.  They were a good height but not adjustable in any way.  Your tables are so functional and also beautiful pieces of furniture!  Thank you to you and your wife for sharing these with the rest of us!


Sherri M. (Texas)


Good morning Steve,


I love it [MAX Double-Tilt table]!!!  The instructions were easy to follow (thank you for that!).  I think it only took about 2 to 3 hours with breaks.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture and a pleasure to use my machines on. Wish I had room for a 2nd one but that means buying a new house (nope). :)


Kathy N. (Texas)





[Taken from the blog]


A couple of weeks ago, there was a mention under machine knitting, about a new product...knitting machine tables...with tilt portion(s) so that you could adjust your knitting machines to the proper angle. I contacted them, and had the nicest dealing with both Steve and Katherine Rugg.....about their tables. I ordered the Max double tilt table [with sliding track box] and it arrived last Wednesday (a day earlier than promised). Table turned out to be lovely....and the assembly instructions worked perfectly. Right now I'm setting up my Singer 155 Bulky w/Ribber on it on one side, and the SK860 mid-gauge on the other side.  Haven't decided if I want to install that ribber as yet. These people were the nicest to deal with, and I can highly recommend them....if you would be interested. Check them out over at:


–Bella M. (Arizona)



Thanks you so much for going the extra mile for me!! The modifications you made to the interior measurements were perfect!! I had no trouble following your assembly instructions, and the packaging was great. The components are quality; nicely finished wood and top drawer hinges and bolts and handles!! I was short one 5/8 screw, but had 6 extra ½ screws. I got another #6 5/8 screw with no problem. It was very helpful to know what size screws they were!!


I am very pleased with the Customer service and the quality of the design and materials. Thanks again. I will be recommending your table to everyone!!



Susan B. (California)


Hi Steve,

Assembly took about 2.5 hours but I was being interrupted constantly so it was really some less than that. I was able to do the whole thing myself; I could have used an extra arm during step 1, and of course I had to have help flipping it over. Everything went together perfectly.

The table looks GREAT and both machines - Brother Bulky with ribber and Silver-Reed SK280 with ribber - are attached. It's really reduced the footprint and made things much neater, and I also am able to have much more at my fingertips. I have had little time to knit, but I can tell I'm going to need to put rubber under the legs since my floor is slick.

I love the mechanism to tilt the tables! It's much less work for my hands. I usually knit tilted, but tested flat. I was having a hard time getting true flat on my old tables but it's a piece of cake with your setup.

Thanks for the table!

Susan S. (Florida)

Bespoke tables

Hi Anne

Just a quick note from across the pond. My friend Katherine who lives in northern Idaho, USA and her husband Steve, have created beautiful hand crafted knitting machine tables. There are tilting and non-tilting for single and double bed. Attached is a photo [not copied here] of one of them and the link to their website is: They're constructed of maple and Russian birch and I thought you would enjoy seeing these.

Warm regards, Tom in Las Vegas

Reprinted from Machine Knitting Monthly, June 2013

Quality custom built Machine Knitting Tables that will save you space and make you more productive!