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Two standard knitting machine table models are offered for sale: the MINI and MAX. Each offers a single-tilt, double-tilt or fixed table top. New enhancements have been recently added to these models, thanks to constructive inputs from machine knitters with special needs. The MINI and MAX models can be enhanced with locking wheels and/or sliding track box. Both have been tested and are now featured under the new, simplified buttons to the right: MINI TABLES or MAX TABLES. Additionally, a buyer feedback page has been added and a summary pricing sheet.


The MAX tables are 48" by 30" with three models each offering different capabilities: single-tilt table (10" wide tilt), double-tilt table (two 10" wide tilts) and fixed surface top. The tilt adjustment for the tilting models is variable from 0 degrees to the stop position at  27 degrees. The MAX tables can accommodate two machines.  For example, the MAX is pictured with both a Brother bulky and a standard machine, each with a ribber, and the table is quite secure and stable.  See the MAX double-tilt table tab.


The MINI tables are 48" by 20" with two models offered:  single-tilt table (10" wide tilt) and fixed surface top. This table is extremely stable for all knitting machines with their ribbers.



The locking mechanism for all the tilting models  is easy to secure and release without using much strength.


                                         These tables have been tested with the following knitting machines with ribbers


                                                                               Brother KH-970                             KnitKing Compuknit IV

                                                                               Brother KH-965i                            Brother KH-270 Bulky

                                                                               Brother KH-950e                          SilverReed SK-860  

                                                                               Brother KH-940                             Brother KX-350 w/o ribber


Steve is accustomed to the various rhythmic  sounds that one or more of Katherine's machines make even into the late hours of the night. Steve is a self-taught furniture maker and in 1976 learned from the ground up how to dress raw wood using hand planes and saws. Power tools are a plus now. Projects get done  faster and turn out nicely. His work has been featured in the Fine WoodWorking  magazine, Design Book Two.

These tables have been designed by a machine knitter for machine knitters. Prototypes were built, tested, changed and tested again until they served their intended purpose offering size, functionality, versatility, stability and strength. The table bases are made from solid maple and the table tops from imported Russian birch, both hard and durable materials. The tables are finished with two coats of acrylic polyurethane which is durable and should not yellow. These tables should represent value to the many knitters in the world who have managed for years to "make do" with whatever stands they could find. Consider these tables an investment to what you enjoy doing, knitting!


Katherine has been inspired by the knitting community world-wide since 2005 when she acquired her first knitting machine, not to mention the ones that followed! She became committed to learning and in turn teaching and helping others. Her design input for these tables was the direct result of much of her time spent lifting, bending and moving several machines with their accessories. Knitting is much more fun when there is time to knit.

MINI-Tilt Table
MINI Single-Tilt detail end view

MINI Single-Tilt

MINI Side Detail

Brother KH-270 and KH-965i machines mounted on MAX Double-Tilt table

MAX with 2 Machines

MAX Double-Tilt detail end view

MAX Side Detail

MAX Double-Tilt Table with Track

MAX Double-Tilt with Track

MINI-Tilt Table with Locking Wheels

MINI-Tilt w/ Wheels

Quality custom built Machine Knitting Tables that will save you space and make you more productive!